McLaren P1 supercar arrives at Auckland International Airport

It’s here! The star attraction at this year’s Big Boys Toys event at the ASB Showgrounds on November 7–9, seen here rolling out of the cargo hold of an Emirates A380 Airbus at Auckland International Airport, arrived in fine style.

The world’s most eagerly awaited supercar, the McLaren P1, follows closely in the footsteps laid down by the iconic McLaren F1 and is set to push the boundaries further than any of its rivals.

This stunning machine is set to wow the crowds at Big Boys Toys 2014 with its sleek, function-led, purposeful design created specifically to deliver on a range of challenging targets — and which it manages to achieve each and every one of.

If looks alone won’t impress, then the unbelievable list of specifications — such as a scintillating 0–100kph time of just 2.8 seconds, and 0–200kph in a mere 6.8 seconds, thanks to its 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 that’s dripping with cutting edge Formula 1 technology — will make the average daily commute feel somewhat pedestrian.

Big Boys Toys 2014 is definitely one event not to be missed — and The Makita Motorhood in Hall 6 is where you can come to see a showcase of our hand-selected vehicles, many of which have been previous cover cars of New Zealand Classic CarNZV8, and NZ Performance Car. For more details on the event see