Looking back on New Zealand car culture, we've certainly had our fair share of affairs with the classic street race. From the evenings in the early 2000s at Te Irirangi Drive, to the main strip of Hamilton, New Zealand and street racing have a lot of history. However, with drifting becoming the ‘in’ thing, it has since died down — probably for the better. Over in Japan, though, the art of street racing is a big deal.

Focusing in on Eikichi, a used-car salesman, we see him put his life on the line for street racing in his drag-styled Toyota Aristo. Check out the rad clip produced by the team at Vice:

Now you've watched the Japanese video, you can fill yourself in on the British equivalent. A scene dominated by what comes across as more like Fast and Furious than the JDM scene, its portrayal is another great output from the team at Vice.

New Zealand doesn't seem to be as heavily into our BMW and Volkswagens as the British are, so it's a good insight into how they react and interact with each other on the streets. Check out the clip:

Image credit: Vice