It hasn't even been two years yet since the inception of the monthly Caffeine and Classics event, but in that time it has become quite possibly the biggest regular car meet on the calendar. Taking place at Smales Farm business park, just a few minutes north of the Auckland Harbour Bridge, the event is open to all types of classic and custom vehicles — and they tend to arrive by the hundreds.

Taking place on the last Sunday of every month, the event held on Sunday, November 30 was, in theory, the second to last of the year — although with the next one scheduled to fall between Christmas and New Years it will no doubt have a smaller turnout. With that in mind we decided to check out Sunday's event and from the moment we laid eyes on the car park we were blown away. Not only was it the sheer volume of cars that was impressive, but the variety also. From classic Japanese imports through to the latest of Detroit’s muscle cars, and everything in-between, there was something to suit every taste.

The event ‘officially’ runs from 10am–1pm, but in reality the car park was packed by 9am and started to empty out around 11.30am, with many spectators taking the chance to witness the mass exodus up close, cameras in hand.

If you’re ever looking for something to do on a Sunday morning, and it happens to fall on the last Sunday of the month, regardless of if you’ve got a classic of your own or not, we recommend you head along to Smales Farm, grab yourself a coffee, and have a look at some of the best machines you’ll ever lay your eyes on.

Todd Wylie

Todd Wylie has been involved with NZV8 magazine since before the first issue was printed, and has been the editor for the last eight years. Growing up in the heyday of the Jap-import scene, he's not adverse to Japanese vehicles, having worked for NZ Performance Car previously, as well as owning a few well-known examples. These days he cruises at a slower pace in a 1956 Cadillac Coupe and dreams of building a Model A tudor.