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NZ Performance Car: Hey Angela, we were pleasantly surprised when we found out a chick owned this car. You’ve done a great job, how long have you owned it for? 

Angela Kwok: Thank you. It always comes as a surprise to people when they see a girl driving these cars. It’s cool seeing more and more ladies getting into this community.
I’ve owned the car for around three years now, and have loved seeing it there in the garage, greeting me every morning. 

To what extent was it modified when you originally purchased it? 

When I first purchased the car it was white with green Rota Grids. Little did I know the previous owner had put an open diff in it. Slowly I started modifying it bit by bit, but the Nismo two­-way diff was the first modification. Then the list grew and grew as ideas and new concepts popped into my mind. 

What were your intentions with the project at the beginning? 

In the beginning I just wanted to take the car to a drift day because I had heard all these stories about rear­-wheel drives going sideways. I had been to a few D1NZ events and wanted to really try it myself. After that, I wanted to change the look of it. I wanted it to be pink and aggressive. After that phase, I moved on to focussing more on fitment and dished wheels. The most recent makeover with the wrap and Cosmis wheels included both big fitment and an aggressive look. 

What’s your favourite thing to do in the Silvia?

Angela: I really enjoy just driving it. It’s fun navigating through normal streets avoiding bumps and potholes when others don’t even think twice about going over them. 

Many out there are probably fooled like we were. Tell us why you chose to wrap the Silvia instead of have it painted? 

The idea for this build was to make it into a show car, but still be road legal. I wanted a flawless paint job for the car, but I know there is always a risk of runs or an orange­-peel effect with paint, so wrapping it was the best option for me. I knew I could trust Dave from The Wrap Shop to do the job properly. 

Thanks for your time Angela, good luck with your future plans!

Driver details

  • Owner: Angela Kwok  
  • Location: Auckland 
  • Occupation: Radiology 

1996 Nissan Silvia S14

  • Engine: Nissan SR20DET 2000cc four­-cylinder, Driftworks front­-mount intercooler kit, HKS earth-stabilizer kit, D1­Spec oil catch­ can, three-­inch exhaust system, twin 2.25­-inch blast pipes, stainless-steel turbo manifold, HKS pod filter, HKS SSQV blow-­off ­valve, GReddy electronic boost controller, loom relocation 
  • Drivetrain: Factory five-­speed, Nismo two-way LSD
  • Interior: GReddy boost gauge, Grip Royal steering wheel, 260kph gauge cluster, steering wheel quick-release kit, Recaro SR3 seats, NZKW super-low seat rails, Nismo gear knob, Razo racing pedals, Autech console gauges, Sabelt harness
  • Exterior: Vertex front bumper, JDM sideskirts, Vertex rear bumper, custom flares, D-MAX ‘Rocket Bunny’ wing, D-MAX roof spoiler, JDM dress-­up washers, custom timber front and side splitters, Arlon Levi’s blue vinyl wrap, tinted headlights, tinted indicators, HID kit
  • Suspension/brakes: OZ Racing adjustable coilovers, Cusco front and rear strut brace, slotted rotors
  • Wheels/tyres: 18x11­-inch Cosmis Racing XT­-206R wheels, 235/40R18 Evergreen EU 72 tyres

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