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NZ Performance Car: Hey Matt, we noticed your Legacy at the 2015 V 4&Rotary North Island Jamboree, it’s definitely a clean example. How long have you owned it for?

Matt: Hey guys. It’ll be coming up roughly two years that I have owned it so far. I’m looking forward to owning it for a few more years yet.

Have turbo all-wheel-drive cars always been something you’ve been into?

Definitely — besides the Subie, I have actually owned a couple of twin-turbo Mitsubishi GTOs as well. They were definitely what started this all-wheel-drive craze.

What modifications did you first do to the Legacy?

It’s not too modified at the moment. First up was the basic exterior stuff such as the carbon hood scoop, carbon grille, and Work Emotion wheels. As I tend to take it to the track a bit, I also searched for a set of Version 7 STI Brembo calipers and sourced some Endless MX72 pads from Japan.

What’s the performance like when compared with a WRX STI of a similar year?

I really couldn’t say, I’ve not driven nor been in an STI of the same year. Legacys do have slightly less power and a little bit more weight. I can’t imagine they’d be a long way behind, but still behind, nonetheless. I don’t mind for the little extra luxury you get, and for something that’s not so common.

 Have you got any other goals or plans for the Legacy?

The mods list I have planned for it is far too long to go into here. In the near future will be a Process West top-mount intercooler and a tune. After that, well, that’s a story for another day!

Thanks for talking with us Matt, we look forward to seeing a feature on this Legacy once it’s complete.

Photos: Lyle Ellicock


  • Name: Matt Pothoven
  • Location: Levin
  • Occupation: Apprentice technician at TRC Toyota

2003 Subaru Legacy Spec B

  • Engine: EJ20Y, 2000cc flat four, Subtech downpipe, STI axle-back exhaust with mufflers, K&N cold air intake, Perrin intake pipe
  • Drivetrain: Factory five-speed, Exedy heavy duty clutch, Cobb stage-one short-shift kit
  • Interior: Evo VII driver seat, Cobb gear knob
  • Exterior: Zerosports carbon-fibre grille, Cyber R carbon-fibre hood scoop, K2 Gear rear-window spoiler, STI front lip
  • Suspension/brakes: Bilstein shocks, Prova lowering springs, Brembo four-pot calipers, Endless MX72 brake pads
  • Wheels/tyres: 18x8.5-inch (+46) Work Emotion XT7s, 225/40R18 Falken FK452s, Blox wheel nuts

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