The early years of drifting; the Japanese influence meant it was about teams, driving extremely close, and cars that looked super rad (well in my eyes anyway). Big graphics, low stance, and cool wheels — it was as much about how the car looked as it was about how the car drove. As the years have progressed, the professional side of the sport has taken centre stage, especially in America, home of the corporate-sponsorship dollar. This has seen the separation between grass-roots and pro-level cars and style extend to being as wide as the Grand Canyon itself, which is fine, but it's great to know that traditional passion, style, and flavour is making a comeback with super kickass events like Final Bout.

The Final Bout event's held on a kart track in Wisconsin, USA — a tight, twisting circuit similar to those drift tracks found in Japan. The kind of track that lends itself well to door-to-door teams drifting in what are considered these days to be low-powered cars. As more and more people seem to grow disillusioned with the top-level/competition side of the sport, I think events like Final Bout will only continue to grow. Do you agree? 

Marcus Gibson

Marcus Gibson has spent his life getting a little grease under his fingernails growing up with a fascination for all things loud, fast, and low. Growing up during the boom of the import scene, the last ten years have seen him work for a few publications, as well as running his own website before taking up a role at NZ Performance Car in 2011. Marcus is as at home with a keyboard or camera in-hand as he is getting dirty in his workshop or at the track, championing that Kiwi DIY attitude.