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Name: Matt Greer
Location: Christchurch
Occupation: Storeman

1993 Volkswagen Golf GTI (MkIII)

  • Engine: AGU 1800cc (MkIV), front-mount intercooler, KO3S turbo, Stealth Racing chip
  • Drivetrain: Five-speed manual, MkIV GTI 288mm front brakes
  • Interior: MkIV dashboard and centre console, MkIV R32 gauge cluster, MkIV R32 brushed-aluminium trim kit, MkIV GTI steering wheel, MkIII Recaro leather seats with heating elements, Alpine head unit, Alpine amps, Infinity Kappa speakers and subwoofer
  • Exterior: Vento front end, respray in candy white, Audi B7 door handles, tinted windows, relocated washer jets
  • Suspension: H&R adjustable suspension
  • Wheels/tyres: 17x8-inch BBS Pininfarina, 195/40R17 Falken

NZ Performance Car: Hey Matt, we understand you purchased this Golf from Auckland. How long have you owned it for? 

Matt Greer: Hey, that’s correct. My friend showed it to me on Trade Me in February, and we flew up and drove it back in early March — so six months now. 

What were you driving previously to this? Was it also a Euro?

This is actually my first Euro. I also have an Isuzu four-wheel drive, and I owned a Nissan Silvia S14 drift car that I sold just prior to buying this. 

What appealed to you most about the Golf before you committed to purchasing it?

I’d never seen so much time and care put into every little detail of the build. It’s extremely tidy inside and out. Everything looks as if it belongs where it is, and unless you know the car you wouldn’t know what’s been done. 

It doesn’t look like the factory engine under the hood. What’s it packing under there?

No, it’s not. It’s had a conversion utilizing the 1.8T engine out of a MkIV Golf GTI. It was built with the intention to look as if it just rolled out of the factory, so has been kept fairly simple. 

Do you have any plans for the 1.8-litre engine?

Not at this stage. It’s got plenty of power for a daily driver, and has great fuel economy. I’m enjoying the reliability and simplicity of it all. 

Thanks for chatting to us Matt, we hope you enjoy your Golf. 

Photos: Mikey Mayers

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