The most anticipated new cars of 2015 have finally landed in New Zealand — the all-new, 2015 Ford Mustang. The first ship from the USA docked in Auckland earlier in the week of November 23–29; great news for a number of the 550-plus Kiwis who pre-ordered a new Mustang. 

“It’s New Zealand automotive history in the making,” said Corey Holter, Ford New Zealand’s managing director. “These are the very first, factory-built in the USA, right-hand drive Ford Mustangs in the country.”

From the Auckland wharf, the Mustangs will be transported to the Ford Vehicle Compound, where they will undergo a series of final checks before being delivered to dealerships throughout the country where the keys will be handed over to their owners. 

It appears that the majority of new Mustang customers have opted for the Mustang GT Fastback, with the six-speed auto and five-litre V8, and this is certainly true for New Zealand, where it makes up around 58 per cent of orders. This is New Zealand, though, and it’s reassuring to know that manual-transmission–equipped Mustangs still make up a decent 15 per cent of total orders. 

And, while there will always be some who would rather a left-hand drive Mustang for the ‘real’ American sports car feel, the appeal of the factory-built right-hand drive Mustangs is clear. It’s still early days, but we’re certainly looking forward to getting a proper, up-close look at these game-changing machines.