The Targa NZ series is the country’s most well-known road rally series, attracting a vast and varied line-up of cars and competitors — from granny wagons hotted up in the backyard, to cutting-edge racing weapons. There is now a Targa event to appeal to new competitors — the 2015 Metalman Targa Rally Sprint.

The one-day event, to be held on Sunday, March 8 at Ardmore Airport, does not form part of the Sanction Series, making it appealing to a wider audience. To race in the event, you will need a minimum of an M-grade licence, but co-drivers do not need to be licence holders — great for taking sponsors, service crews, friends, and family for a flat-out blast through the countryside!

Multiple stages will be run amidst the picturesque Papakura and Clevedon areas in South Auckland, allowing for alterations to the set-up and testing of competitor cars.

The course follows Monument Road from Clevedon to Hunua, and Ardmore Quarry Road from Hunua to Ardmore. These stretches of road will be repeated four times, with approximately 80km of Special Stage in total. The roads are typical of Targa event stages, making them a great introduction for the Targa Bambina and Targa NZ events held later in the year. The Targa Rally Sprint also gives the opportunity to get acquainted with standard rally safety notes, route books, time cards, and general rally protocol — a great introduction to the Targa experience.

The event has been designed to be family friendly, promising a day of entertainment, and a BBQ in the afternoon. Entry is limited, so you'll need to head over to Targa NZ's site to register now.

Photo captured by Owen de Mooy.