Sure we've all seen a few skid cars in our time and no doubt we've even seen a few tyres popped. But it's not often you will see a show car killing itself on the skidpan. ‘Mad Max’ Flower's 26B FD RX-7 has spent the last two years cleaning up at shows, but now it was time for the RX-7 to be used and abused, doing exactly what it was built it for in the first place. Max had recently given the car one more tidy up before it was resigned to a life of limiter bashing and brutality. With that on our minds, we thought what better time to make a skid video than at the Ardmore Showdown — Wing vs Wheels on February 15. What we weren't expecting was the fire show. Adrenalin R mufflers have come on board and are proud to present this video produced by the boys at Odd.