David Brown Automotive, Britain’s premier, 21st-century coachbuilder, unveiled their Speedback GT at the Top Marques show in Monaco last year. To commemorate the one-year anniversary of the Speedback GT’s successful launch, David Brown will be showcasing the car at the prestigious Retro Classics in Stuttgart, Germany.

The Speedback GT is a clear modern classic, styled upon the timeless lines of the Aston Martin DB5. David Brown, the businessman behind the car, owns one and, though he wanted to sort out the car’s issues, he found that he couldn’t take away from its classic character. The solution to this problem was to design and build a modern version, with classic lines and character, and modern reliability and comfort.

This is achieved through the chassis and running gear of a Jaguar XKR convertible (chosen for its pre-strengthened chassis), powered by the supercharged, five-litre V8 and six-speed automatic. The coach-built body comprises a blend of old and new techniques — a clay model was handcrafted initially, and a scan was made, allowing a lifesize computer rendering to be produced. According to this precise rendering, a wooden buck was made, allowing the bespoke, alloy body panels to be precisely hand-formed.

“Since the car first appeared a year ago, we have had a very strong response in Germany,” said David Brown. Several early orders for the Speedback were from the German market, and David Brown is aware that many of the Speedback’s qualities resonate with affluent German enthusiasts, making Retro Classics the perfect place to commence their 2015 show programme. Retro Classics showcase the finest classics, and modern vehicles, to a discerning crowd between March 26–29, at the Stuttgart Landesmesse.