Finger this: NZPC 221


Before any of the team found themselves working here at NZ Performance Car magazine we were avid readers. So we know all to well that feeling of seeing a new issue of NZPC at your local, grabbing a copy and flicking through it for the first time. 

So for those of you who absolutely love the surprise of flicking through it we suggest that you click away now. But for those who just can't wait, and those in the Auckland region whose issues will be bagged with a free issue of Red Bulletin, read on.

As the cover would suggest, we take a detailed look at Tim's immaculate RX-2 — a car that has been killing it in the show circuit this year. At only 21 years old Tim is a young man who is not afraid of hard work and certainly has an eye for detail.  

When it comes to Hondas you'd be hard-pressed to find a daily driver with more power than Daniel Tok's turbocharged DC5. Just how much power? You will have to read the issue to find out, but lets just say that fuel economy is not high on this Honda's feature list.

Once owned and raced by Kiwi GT-R legend Reece McGregor, the DNA found in this GT-R meant it was always going to be fast. Either that, or the 521kW RB30 that the current owner, Hayden Thorn, built and shoehorned in the engine bay have it running high nines in full street trim. 

This is one Evo that will keep you guessing time and time again, thanks to owner Shoneel Ram's love of changing things up and improving what Mitsubishi designed. It's not just aesthetics either, with a stroked 2.3 producing 443kW at all four wheels. 

For all car owners, no matter if they're a car person or not, their first car is one that will always hold a special place in their heart. While for most that car is now just a fond memory, for James Christie he is still making those memories 10 years later. Although things have changed drastically for this MKII over the past ten years.  There is something to be said about never giving up. 

Hitting the dunes in Qatar in modified, big-boosted, four-wheel drives then hitting what is one of the best-prepared drag strips on the planet. This is one travel diary that will have you booking the next available flight to the Middle East. 

The boys from Christchurch's Streetmeat fill us in on their latest track day at Mike Pero Motorsport Park with all its grass-roots goodness.

And we cover off round 4 of the Demon Energy D1NZ National Drifting Championship with an interview with round-winner Gaz Whiter. 

Ever wondered what all those markings on your sidewalls mean? We fill you in, and correct a few very common misconceptions. 

For Weekend Workshop this month we restore a rocker cover to OEM goodness, but in the process teach you all the skills to nail any wrinkle-coat job that you might be thinking up for your project.

The name Frank Liew  might not mean much to the younger readers, but to those a little older this icon of the New Zealand import scene will certainly ring a bell. Now living in Hong Kong, Pedey checks in with Frank to see how the Kiwi is keeping busy in one of the classiest workshops we have ever seen.

We have introduced a new section this month, dubbed Cruise Mode. If Weekend Warrior is for track cars then Cruise Mode is street cars that are sitting right! To kick things off we check out NZPC contributor Damien's 67 Beetle.

So there it is, a snapshot of some of the highlights we packed into NZPC Issue No. 221. So what are you waiting for? Go grab yourself a copy! 

Marcus Gibson

Marcus Gibson has spent his life getting a little grease under his fingernails growing up with a fascination for all things loud, fast, and low. Growing up during the boom of the import scene, the last ten years have seen him work for a few publications, as well as running his own website before taking up a role at NZ Performance Car in 2011. Marcus is as at home with a keyboard or camera in-hand as he is getting dirty in his workshop or at the track, championing that Kiwi DIY attitude.