We've just finished featuring the classic ‘Landy’ Land Rover on the front page of New Zealand Classic Car Issue No. 293, and funnily enough we were invited to check out the new Land Rover Discovery. However, this was set to be a bit of a spectacular event with the invite mentioning breakfast and a test. On arrival, we noticed a big trailer with a weird form of ramp mounted to the base. 

With three new Discoverys, a kitchen, and a rock-climbing wall, there was a decent spot of entertainment for everyone. 

The ramp allows the driver to drive up to the top on the left-hand side, and then it adjusts to put the car on a near 45-degree angle. The car, with its new terrain-response setting, allows the car to automatically drive down the hill by itself, leaving the driver in safe hands. 

Utilizing the mud-ruts feature allows the car to lock up the diff and manage the power between the front and rear wheels to support the car as it travels down steep hills.

The car is then able to manage those tricky situations when out off-roading.

The car features a large amount of boot space with up to seven seats available, depending on which model you're looking at. 

It also comes fully furnished in leather with a clean-cut, modern dash.

The car is set to be on the New Zealand market within the next few months. 

Chris Smith

Coming from a background of Freshly Whipped car photography and blogging, I'm here to take you through my angle and perspective on cars and events. Keep an eye out for my Whipped Up series.