Update: all good things take time

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Back a few weeks we gave you a look into what the upholstery in one of Parkside Media's senior management team's Triumph TR6 looked like (see here). Well now we can give you an update on the progress so far ...

We couldn't believe our eyes as the TR6 rolled into the Parkside headquarter's car park. 

After fifteen years, gone was the crusty, moth-eaten, and exposed sponge, rubber, seat cushions, that poked precariously through equally torn and shabby vinyl seat coverings. The snug cockpit was now adorned with  brand-new black seat upholstery, in perfect contrast to the British Racing green exterior, ready for the next phase in this iconic sports car's life.

What's next we hear you ask? We reckon a paint job might be on the cards, but it may take a while ... we'll keep you posted.