Even after the first gallery of our previous cover girls went live, we're still getting plenty of messages stating that you want more. So here's the next lot of girls we think you definitely need to check out. 

Here's ten years' worth of our hottest photoshoots, enjoy!

Tell us who your favourite is, and we'll see if we can track them down for another photo shoot.

Avianca from NZ Performance Car Issue No. 148

Melissa from NZ Performance Car Issue No. 155

Jess from NZ Performance Car Issue No. 191

Baylee from NZ Performance Car Issue No. 178

Stephanie from NZ Performance Car Issue No. 142

Melissa from NZ Performance Car Issue No. 155

Kelly from NZ Performance Car Issue No. 157

Kelly from NZ Performance Car Issue No. 151

Jaclyn from NZ Performance Car Issue No. 195

Laura from NZ Performance Car Issue No. 138