Our latest instalment of NZ Performance Car has hit the stores this week, so I thought it right and proper to give you all five reasons why I think it's worth parting with $10 of your hard-earned cash for your very own copy.

Reason one:

I, like most of you, will have always harboured a soft spot for the four-door Corolla KE70 and there are nine pages, and a poster, detailing one of the country's nicestChristchurch's Dan Yeoman is the man behind the well thought out and executed project. Seriously, this KE70 is that good! Just don't tell Dan I said so. 

Reason two:

Repco Race To the Sky is back after a near decade long hiatus! The location, the machines, and the atmosphere make for one of the coolest motorsport events on the planet. Our man Brett Gunell was there to capture all the wild runs on two and four wheels. 

Reason three:

It's not often that you will catch me working on Rene Vermeer's GTO, in fact never again; but in this issue I take to the terribly faded rear wing, repairing the damage with a rattle can or two. OK, so it's not that simple, but I do share some great tips for using the Lyndar spray system from Supercheap, so you too can get a glossy finish from a can at home in the shed. 

Reason four: 

A Hilux that is so damn clean we shot it in the studio and not in the middle of the forest covered in mud. It's certainly not every day that we get to feature a Toyota Hilux, but when its this clean and powered by a boosted VVTi 1UZFE we would be mad not to showcase it. If you like your trucks then your bound to fall in love with this one. 

Reason five: 

The mega camber and big offset Work wheels mixed in with the very heavily Japanese-influenced build, would see this FD RX-7 not looking out of place at the Daikoku parking lot in Yokohama, Japan, or some local grass-roots drift day. The fact that the owner, Jack, regularly sees track time makes it all the more appealing to me 

Disclaimer: There are way more than five cool features in this issue but we deliberately don't want to give away everything, so I guess you will need to discover them for yourself. Grab a copy in-store, or here now.

Marcus Gibson

Marcus Gibson has spent his life getting a little grease under his fingernails growing up with a fascination for all things loud, fast, and low. Growing up during the boom of the import scene, the last ten years have seen him work for a few publications, as well as running his own website before taking up a role at NZ Performance Car in 2011. Marcus is as at home with a keyboard or camera in-hand as he is getting dirty in his workshop or at the track, championing that Kiwi DIY attitude.