Few movie relationships have lasted as long as the one between James Bond as his trusted Aston Martin. And for the latest iteration of the franchise, Spectre, Bond utilizes a gorgeous fire-spitting, sideways-sliding, show-jumping Aston Martin DB10. Check it all out in the hot-off-the-press film trailer below:

First unveiled at the film’s press launch late last year in London, the DB10 is a one-off edition made specifically for the film franchise. This is a shame, because it stands as one of the prettiest cars to adorn the famous Aston Martin badge in quite some time. But don’t get too sad; Aston Martin have stated that elements of the DB10 give us “a glimpse to the future design direction for the next generation of Aston Martins”.

While details on the car are thin on the ground, we can probably assume that the rear-mounted flame-thrower will not make it to any production versions ...

Matthew Hansen

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