Morgan’s Plus 4 may be turning an incredible 65 years old this year, but it’s still got plenty of life left in it. So much so that the team at Morgan have unveiled a special limited edition, called the ARP4.

After being fettled with by the renowned engineer team at Cosworth and AP, the ARP4 features a Cosworth-tuned 225hp 2.0-litre engine — a jump of almost 100hp over the standard Morgan Plus 4. An uprated braking set-up, adjustable shock absorbers, and a new five-link rear suspension will aim to keep the spritely ARP4 in check. These features will complement the Morgan’s already energetic chassis, and minimal weight of 927kg.

Aesthetic changes to the ARP4 include LED headlights, exposed aluminium elements in the interior, improved soundproofing under the hood, and revised instrument clusters.

Founded in 1910, Morgan is one of the few remaining companies who solely produce handmade vehicles, and the Plus 4 is their most famed platform. Throughout its shelf life, the Plus 4 has been pulled in and out of production on several occasions. But despite some significant changes in its tenure, the Plus 4 looks almost identical to its original iterations

Fittingly, the ARP4 was launched at the 2015 Silverstone Classic in England on July 24–26, an event devoted to historic motor racing. Morgans have always been synonymous with exploits on race tracks, and continue to be associated with them via the popularity of the Plus 4 at track days throughout Europe. 

There will only be 50 examples of the AR P4 built, with pricing starting at £54,995, or NZ$129,599.

Matthew Hansen

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