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Name: Shubharta ‘Subi’ Singh
Location: Auckland
Occupation: Security technician
Make / model: 1996 Nissan Primera P11 
Engine: Nissan SR20DE, Garrett T28 turbo, GTI-R exhaust manifold, Sard fuel pressure regulator, 1000cc injectors, Aeromotive fuel pump, Z32 airflow meter, front-mounted intercooler, HKS pod filter, GReddy BOV, P10 chipped ECU, Impul radiator, electric fans, LSD gearbox, five-puck clutch, Nolathane engine mounts
Interior: Auto Meter boost, oil pressure, and oil temp gauges; HKS turbo timer, Bee*R rev limiter, Sony head unit
Exterior: TEV bodykit, custom front bumper, side skirts and rear bumper, custom-made bonnet
Wheels/tyres: 17x7-inch Stamford, 205/40R17 Achilles 123s
Suspension: Lowering springs, Tein damper adjustable struts

NZ Performance Car: Hi Subi, it’s not often we see a turbocharged Primera. Why did you choose the Primera to modify?

Subi: I simply fell in love with the Primera the moment I saw it, back when my friend Faizal Ramzan owned it. I told him if he was ever going to sell it, sell it to me, because I am passionate about SR20s, and love the P11 shape. 

What area did you feel the Primera needed modifying in when you first started? 

When I first purchased the Primera off Faizal, it was completely stock apart from wheels and a bodykit, so I decided to give the engine some attention. I purchased the parts I needed for a turbo conversion, including a better fuel and cooling system. Everything was done by us at home in the shed. 

Has the project been through many phases during your ownership? 

Yes, this is the third stage. After the initial turbo conversion was completed, which netted me 146kW at the wheels, we upgraded the injectors and exhaust system, and power rose to 214kW at the wheels on 17.4psi of boost. In its current guise it makes 255kW at the wheels thanks to a Z32 AFM, 1000cc injectors, and 21psi of boost. All the tuning was done by Soichi at ST Hi-tec and Paul Hansen, as they was confident in the power we could get from the plus-T engine. 

How do you find this much power in a front-wheel-drive chassis, and is it fun to drive? 

It’s really fun driving this car with this much power. It’s really quick off the line, and has the power when you need it. 

We see your car is for sale. What project do you have in mind next? 

Yes, it is for sale. I have owned it for six years now, so it’s about time for me to upgrade to something else. I don’t have anything in mind, but I would like to own a Nissan GT-R some day, as it has been my dream car. 

Thanks for your time Subi, good luck with your future project.