September’s New Zealand Classic Car (Issue No. 297) is now on sale! And there’s plenty of excellent content bound within its pages to keep you entertained.

The first thing that we think of when we hear ‘flat-six’ and ‘rear-engined’ in the same sentence is the Porsche 911. But in this issue we take a look at one of the most unique American vehicles ever created that shares the same layout — the rear-engined Chevrolet Corvair. Unfairly singled out in Ralph Nader’s infamous book, Unsafe at Any Speed, we reckon that the high-performance turbocharged 1965 Corvair Corsa that adorns the cover is definitely the business.

Fit for royalty, this 1952 R-Type Bentley has lead an interesting life amongst the glitz and glamour of Hollywood’s rich and famous. Now residing in Christchurch, this gorgeous Bentley now leads a more quiet life, and is only brought out for special occasions — including our full feature.

If you like Italian, then read on. We feature one of the finest 1988 1.7 QV Cloverleaf Alfa Sprint’s you are ever likely to see, discovering in the process what links this car has with the lucky shamrock that’s more usually associated with Ireland, the famous Targa Florio road race, and even Enzo Ferrari.

Take a look at what we discovered hiding away in a barn on a Waikato chicken farm — you'll be amazed at 200 classic cars, the property of a collector who once owned 75, yes 75, PA Vauxhalls.

Check out our great nationwide news section, and, if you’re in the market for a classic car or trade professional, then our cars for sale and trade directory section will also be of major interest. And don’t miss out on this month’s great subscription offers.         

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