There is a new magazine lurking on the shelves of your local stockist that is looking for a new home. NZ Performance Car 225  is its name, and, like the 224 editions that came before, this is jam-packed with some of the country's best builds. 


In this issue we take a look at Gary Morgan's supercharged BR-Z, which has been built for endurance racing here and overseas. BR-Zs seemed to get left behind compared to their Toyota-badged brothers, but this car is hands down the best example you will find of either brand in New Zealand. 

Amongst all the regular stuff, we have squeezed a ridiculous amount of feature cars for you to peruse over, including a retro-tech Datsun 1200 with an ITB-equipped A14, a tubbed 808 wagon with a 13B turbo, and an RB26-powered Laurel. 

We also chat to a Kiwi living his drift dreams in Japan with a seriously cool R33, an Aussie with a 1JZ-powered Volvo station wagon, and we open the doors to Nigel James' shed packing a trio, with one for every occasion. 

The Ed sits down with Tony Quinn to set the record straight about his plans for Hampton Downs, and also how he got started in racing and business. We teach you how to build a simple and cheap boost-leak tester for your turbo system, and we take a look at a very cool Group 5 BMW project in one of the best backyard sheds we have had the pleasure of visiting.  

But don't take our word for it, go grab an issue and find out for yourself why you need a copy of NZ Performance Car Issue No. 225 to call your own. If you can't make it to the store, you can purchase one online HERE.

Marcus Gibson

Marcus Gibson has spent his life getting a little grease under his fingernails growing up with a fascination for all things loud, fast, and low. Growing up during the boom of the import scene, the last ten years have seen him work for a few publications, as well as running his own website before taking up a role at NZ Performance Car in 2011. Marcus is as at home with a keyboard or camera in-hand as he is getting dirty in his workshop or at the track, championing that Kiwi DIY attitude.