I can almost imagine what it would be like to be Felix Baumgartner. I expect that at least once a week he wakes up from his slumber, pops into his pantry for some Weetbix, sits down for breakfast, then decides point-blank that he wants to free-fall from a satellite in space, or become a professional race driver, or learn how to fly a helicopter and chase down a drift car on a runway, or some other next-level crazy idea.

Photo: Sourced

After famously free-falling from 38,969.3m above the earth in 2012, and racing for Audi Motorsport’s GT3 program at circuits like the Nürburgring and Mt Panorama in 2014–’15, Baumgartner is back — and this time, you guessed it, he’s in a helicopter chasing down pro-drifter Jakub Przygoński and his Toyota 86 on an airstrip in Poland. Check out one of the more insane videos of 2015 below:

With skills like that, you would expect that Baumgartner had been flying helicopters for decades. Nope. Three years of learning is all it took for him to master the helicopter. One has to wonder what ridiculous insanity Baumgartner will conquer next. Whatever he does, rest assured that it’ll be as incredible as it is completely ludicrous.

Your move, Ken Block.

Matthew Hansen

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