The humble Toyota Hilux is a Kiwi institution. Seemingly everyone has their own Hilux story, making the nameplate one of the nation’s most culturally ingrained. But we at NZ Performance Car mainly love the fact that they’re primed for modifications, which is just what the guys at Toyota South Africa Motorsport have done to one lucky Hilux.

Cramming in a modified version of the same 2UR-GSE 5.0-litre V8 from the Lexus RC-F that we road tested earlier in 2015, this unique Hilux now makes a not-quite-so-humble 449hp. To go with that, Toyota South Africa Motorsport also loaded it with competition brakes, new springs, retuned gearing, and fully adjustable dampers — putting all other paddock bashers to shame.

Want to learn more about the Hilux, and see it flexing its new-found muscles on gravel? Check out the great clip and gallery below:

Matthew Hansen

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