October’s issue of New Zealand Classic Car (Issue No. 298) is now on sale, and, as always, it’s packed from cover to cover with some of the country’s finest motors.

On the front cover sits a photograph quite rare and difficult to replicate — a 2013 Ford Mustang Boss 302 paired with its older, similarly coloured friend, a 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302. We compare, contrast, and celebrate two of the best to bestow the blue oval, and we also delve into the history of the Boss. If you’re into Mustangs, you’re going to love this.

New Zealand Classic Car regular Gerard Richards recently spent a solid chunk of time trekking across Mexico and Cuba, and — perhaps unsurprisingly — in his travels he stumbled upon stacks and stacks of amazing vehicles. Certain areas in South America can have the fascinating appearance of being frozen in time, with old Fairlanes, Datsuns, De Sotos, and Bel Airs roaming the streets as if it were still the swinging ’60s.

Ford enthusiasts will further rejoice when they find our comprehensive article on one of the true icons of the international Group A touring-car formula — this Eggenburger Ford Sierra RS500. Spearheaded by Ruedi Eggenburger, his famously liveried gang of Texaco Sierras took over the formula, winning races and championships the world over. While the history of this car, which now resides in New Zealand, is somewhat blighted by one particularly wet day on Mount Panorama, it’s still an incredible monument to a memorable era in motorsport.

If new cars are more your style, Issue No. 298 also sees us take on the strenuous task of reviewing the new Bentley Mulsanne Speed. With a price tag of $635,000, you can expect something more than just four wheels, four doors, an engine, and some seats — and more is what you get. Under the bonnet is a 6.75-litre twin-turbo V8, capable of wafting one along in both comfort and brisk speed. And while you’re on the move, there is a plethora of toys and gizmos for you to play with (strenuous, remember?).

Along with all of that quality glossy goodness, Issue No. 298 features all of the latest in classic car news, from the unveiling of Omaka Cars’ latest restoration, to some of New Zealand’s more interesting restorations in progress, and Donn Anderson’s words on the late and quite great Frank Matich. For your latest 112-page serving of classic cars, check out your local, or even grab a copy below!