If a storm was heading our way, there would certainly be a few measures you'd take to prepare for the worst. You'd make sure all the doors and windows were securely shut and the pets were inside. You'd ensure the outdoor furniture wasn't going to blow away and you'd put the car in the garage.

But what if you don't have a garage? And what if your car is an E30 M3?

Well, in that case, you'd better throw the pets back outside and open the doors, cause you need the space to get that bad boy indoors, stat!

So that's just what Instagrammer @jalilsup did.

As Florida was battered by Hurricane Matthew, the BMW owner took his preparedness to the next level by bringing his beloved M3 into his living room for a night to save his Bavarian beauty from the elements.

We tip our hat to @jalilsup for having his priorities straight.

#hurricanematthew #breakfast #afterthestorm

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