Unless you’ve been living in an internet-free cave, chances are you’re going to have heard of Ken Block, or at least watched videos of his madness. And he's just dropped his latest video of his reworked Hoonicorn in action! Check it out now: 

A few years back, he broke the internet again for the umteenth time when he unveiled his ‘Hoonicorn’ Mustang. The full custom four-wheel-drive machine was built specifically for his latest Gymkhana video, and won hearts and destroyed tyres in equal proportion.

Since then, hype around the car has been a little quieter, as the team at Hoonigan have worked on other projects, or at least the hype was quiet until the reworked Hoonicorn was released recently.

The biggest change to the previously NA combo is a pair of large Garrett turbos and a switch to methanol for fuelling — a combo that’s reportedly good for around 1400hp, or more than enough to totally destroy the previous perfect balance of the car, which is something Ken mentioned as he unveiled the car.

What’s the reason for the added boost, you ask? Well, that’s not totally clear as yet, but it’s got something to do with high altitudes, so we can only imagine Pikes Peak, or similar, will be involved in whatever the project is that he’s currently working on.

Besides the turbos, the car now runs a fly-by-wire throttle setup, which helps with the MoTeC ECU’s inclusion of launch control, traction control, and anti lag, which Ken’s used to in his rally and rallycross cars.

Of course, the car’s also received a new look, in the form of a graphics scheme inspired by a bunch of his other cars, with the best bits from each plucked for the new scheme.

The lighter-colour front end was chosen specifically since the original black just didn't stand out enough in photos for Ken’s liking.

You can check out the full unveilling of the car here:

And find out more about the Kiwis who helped built it the first time around here.

As soon as the new project that the car’s been built for is announced, we’ll let you know.