It’d be fair to say that we got a shed load of burnout videos submitted to our recent #demonburnouts hunt competition! Hundreds of tyres have been fried in the name of being a a tyre-frying, Demon-drinking dude. But now we need to announce a winner. Who would take this kind of comp out? Someone with one epic skid of course, and there was one standout hiding among the tyre-smoking hashtag. Ethan Foster impressed us all with his Demon skid showing what his bike can do when let rip on a kitchen floor, and so will be crowned the #demonburnouts winner!

The Demon girls, Ashleigh and Molly, tracked Ethan down at his dairy farm near Cambridge to deliver him a bootload of Demon energy drink!

Thanks to all of those who entered, if you want to see the burnout videos, search the #demonburnouts on Instagram, or click here.