The December issue of NZ Performance Car (Issue No. 240) has hit shelves now — take a look at what you can expect from its glossy pages:

If you follow NZ Performance Car on multiple channels, you will know that we have been extensively following the build of Darren Kelly’s R35 GT-R on The Motorhood. Well, the day has finally arrived where we can show the world all the badassery that has been built into the project. While this issue has an extensive feature, here is a little one-take technical tour that we did while the car was being shot. Make no mistake this is one of the highest-spec'd drift cars ever built in New Zealand.

The 2016 Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge showed just how far the cars competing in the annual event have actually come, with records broken in every category, including a huge improvement on last year’s Pro record, and not by a four-wheel drive. While we have full event coverage in the latest issue, the boys from HPA were on hand after MCA broke the record (the first time), and spoke to car owner and engineer Murray Coote about the 2016 changes.

If you have a love for Kiwi-built rotaries, then chances are you will have witnessed in the flesh, or seen thanks to the power of social media, Steve Ellicott killing tyres in his Mazda 808 wagon. But I’m guessing you would never have guessed the amount of work that went into saving the 808, which was pulled from the back blocks of a pig farm. I go into detail about the build in the feature, but to wet your whistle here is the reason Steve went to this extent — turn up the speakers loud for this one!

A few months back, while in Melbourne, I had the pleasure of some one-on-one time with the famed ’91-winning Bathurst R32 GT-R built by Gibson Motorsport (no relation to me). It was the pinnacle of Group A machinery, basically untouchable with a winning record few race cars to this day can dream of touching. While we take a look at the car in 240, this is some great archival footage showing just how dominant the R32s were.

For all this, and much, much more, grab the December issue of NZ Performance Car (Issue No. 240) now: