Kiwi drifter ‘Mad Mike’ Whiddett has spent the last few weeks killing Nittos in South Africa (SA) with his team. While he attended a few local events with his RADBUL Mazda RX-8 during his whirlwind trip, the most exciting aspect is yet to be shown to the world — we are of course talking about the much-hyped video release, #conquerthecape.

During his trip to SA, Mike seemingly made the most of it by squeezing in a few local events, including Wheels of Fury in Cape Town, SupaDrift in Johannesburg, and something known as Wheelz N Smoke, which is basically a wild late-night burnout/death-wish display that we still can't believe is a sport there. Catch a week in the life of an intentional tyre killer. 

Image source: Craig Kolesky for Redbullza

To end the trip, it was time to get down to business, so to speak, with the filming of Conquer the Cape. So what exactly can we expect from the film, which drops October 10? How about Mike hitting speeds upwards of 248kph on a road known as the Franschhoek Pass. Here is a little teaser, just in case you weren't already hyped, to see what could top his 2013 Conquer the Crown.