If there are two things any petrolhead knows about Shane van Gisbergen, they know that he can pedal a V8 Supercar like the best of them, and he can also drift like the best of them. While watching him do either is always entertaining, a special kind of magic happens when he combines the two, usually after winning a V8 race or when it's wet — very wet.

Now, we can imagine the team is probably not that fond of him drifting their $500,000 race car with only 15 degree of steering, so they have done something about it. Red Bull Racing (888 Racing) have gone and converted a current-spec VF V8 Supercar to drift. We're talking about a proper conversion with widened stance, 60 degrees of steering angle, and a party handle, aka handbrake. To top it off, the supercar runs three-piece centre-lock wheels, dual AP Racing rear calipers, big ol' overfenders, and a dual element wing.

If I was a gambling man I would put $100 down that a ‘certain mountain’ where Shane is heading for a ‘certain famous 1000km race’ over October 6–9, is about to be torn a new a**hole — but I guess we will have to wait and see. 

Marcus Gibson

Marcus Gibson has spent his life getting a little grease under his fingernails growing up with a fascination for all things loud, fast, and low. Growing up during the boom of the import scene, the last ten years have seen him work for a few publications, as well as running his own website before taking up a role at NZ Performance Car in 2011. Marcus is as at home with a keyboard or camera in-hand as he is getting dirty in his workshop or at the track, championing that Kiwi DIY attitude.