It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost a year since I, Ashley Webb, took over the helm of New Zealand Classic Car magazine. Where did that year go? And what a year it’s been. I have to admit that it’s certainly kept me on to toes, to say the least.

Looking at the cover of this month’s issue, you’ll notice a slight change in tack — and you may even have thought you’d picked up the wrong magazine. A short commute anywhere in New Zealand will confirm the numbers of late-model SUVs on the road, and the statistics are hard to ignore as the Ford Ranger continues to top the sales charts in this country.

With this in mind, we decided to look at how they’ve evolved over the decades, and morphed into the luxurious cruisers that we see on the roads today. It’s a little different to our usual, but still 100-per-cent New Zealand Classic Car.

Here's a rundown of what we've put together for this issue:

We explore the heritage of the ute and the 4x4 in New Zealand, and ask whether ‘trucks’ can be considered classic cars. Get a sneak peek at a gallery of images that didn't fit in the magazine here. 

The Aston Martin Vulcan; one of the most extreme not-quite-road-going supercars, and the British marque’s most  exhilarating creation to date. Check out some of the shots of Tony Quinn's gorgeous Vulcan here.

An earlier date and a more compact event footprint found favour with competitors and Targa tourists alike for this year’s Targa New Zealand. Check out more shots from the event here. 

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