If we were to say the name Keiichi Tsuchiya and asked you what car first springs to mind, it would have to be the Toyota AE86. His personal AE86 is an icon of icons, a car that starred in videos that introduced many of the earliest adopters to the sport known as drifting. When it was announced that Tsuchiya-san would be attending the 2016 World Time Attack Challenge (WTAC), and that he would be driving what has to be Australia's most-iconic AE86 — that of Beau Yates — people understandably got excited; us included. 

It wasn't just because everyone would be able to meet the man himself, it was also the fact that it would mark a return to the track for Beau's 86, which had all but been destroyed at the 2014 WTAC.

Being a drifter, Beau thought nothing of powering through a cloud of smoke on track, but this time it was a different story ... the poor AE86 looked close to a write-off. 

We go into full detail about the rebuild in NZ Performance Car Issue No. 241, but what we will say is that the result is amazing. So much so that Tsuchiya-san told Yates it's as good as any TRD-built machine. How's that for paying respect? And Tsuchiya is not the kind of guy to pussyfoot around with half-truths. 

Jump on board with Keiichi for a lap of Sydney Motorsport Park, and listen to the turbocharged 3S-GE scream! To see more of this amazing AE86 and hear the build story grab a copy of NZ Performance Car Issue No. 241, in stores from Monday, November 20 — or order your copy below now: