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NZ Performance Car: Hey, Beau. Cool to see people modifying the later-model Accords now. Have you always been into big body Hondas? 

Beau: Hey, guys. Not always; I was originally into smaller cars like the Integra and Civic. 

Cool, and why did you purchase the CL7?

I had seen them around, and they really appealed to me. They’re comfortable, practical, yet a fast and smooth driver’s car. Also, the five-link suspension in the rear of the CL7 Accord Euro R really stands out over the rest, and it eliminates a lot of handling errors. 

Do you only use the Accord for daily-driving duties, or does it see the track on the odd occasion?

It most certainly gets used out on the track. That was the main reason I got this car. It’s a really satisfying feeling taking your car out there and seeing all the hard work you have put in pay off. 

How does it handle out there?

It handles itself really well; even when I have gone out on street tyres I still set a good pace. It holds up really well on the braking and cornering and corner exit speed, which are some of the main things I have tried to fine-tune into this car. 

What upgrade was most noticeable out on the track?

Most of all, it would have to be the Brembo calipers with good fluid and racing pads. Also, the adjustable suspension is another really big asset. After having the alignment fine-tuned, it really paid off. 

Thanks for chatting to us, Beau. We look forward to seeing the car’s progression.

2003 Honda Accord Euro R (CL7)

  • Engine: K20A, 2000cc, four-cylinder, Top Fuel intake pipe, Simota air filter, 4-2-1 Private Label Mfg headers, 2.5-inch Fujitsubo exhaust system, Buddy Club earthing kit
  • Drivetrain: Mugen short-shift kit, Spoon lightened billet flywheel, Exedy heavy-duty clutch kit
  • Interior: Factory
  • Exterior: Mugen CL1 spoiler, custom carbon-fibre spoiler mounts
  • Suspension/brakes: Tein Super Street coilovers, Hardrace bushes throughout, Hardrace rear camber arms, Spoon strut brace, four-pot Brembo front calipers, Endless brake pads 
  • Wheels/tyres: 17x8-inch Enkei Evo VIII, 215/45R17 Dunlop Sport Maxx RT 

Driver profile

  • Owner: Beau West
  • Location: Wairau, Auckland
  • Occupation: Panel beater

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