Nome, Alaska, USA; Dipton, Southland, New Zealand; Diodar, Gujarat, India; The bottom of the Marianas Trench … it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, if you have even a remote interest in anything automotive, the name ‘Ringbrothers’ will need no introduction.

Mike and Jim Ring are the duo behind the company that has forged — or perhaps CNC machined — a legacy of epic proportions, churning out custom vehicles the likes of which the world has never seen. Some people have good taste in vehicles, and a percentage of them even have the skills to build a good-looking vehicle. But few are able to match the all-round completeness of a Ringbrothers build.

Their cars don’t just look the part — they are. From the visual aesthetics through to every last technical aspect, and the fit, finish, and overall quality both inside and out, every new Ringbrothers build pushes the bar even higher. Every new Ringbrothers build redefines automotive perfection, and represents another step closer to it. 

‘G-Code’ is that car. The latest by Ringbrothers, it was unveiled at the Royal Purple booth at the 2016 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, standing head and shoulders above every other muscle car in attendance. Then again, with its subtle custom bodywork, handcrafted overdose of carbon fibre, and swathes of high-quality Ringbrothers billet parts, it was never going to be a wallflower. 

G-Code’s owner, Don Atkinson, always wanted to own a ’69 Chev Camaro RS, but it couldn’t be any old Camaro. With a requirement for a truly unique, one of a kind Camaro that no one else in the world would have, the decision for him to go with Ringbrothers was a no-brainer. 

As we’ve come to expect from a Ringbrothers build of this kind, the power plant is a screaming lump of Wegner Automotive goodness. The LS3-based combination has been stroked to 416ci, with a huge Whipple supercharger bringing power levels dangerously close to the 1000hp mark. A set of custom Ringbrothers-designed headers feed into a custom Flowmaster stainless-steel exhaust, exiting through a pair of rear flush-mount exhausts that somehow look 100-per-cent badass, and zero-per-cent tacky. Take note, custom car builders — this is how it’s done. 

Again, in true Ringbrothers pro-touring fashion, the transmission is none other than a Bowler-built Tremec six-speed manual. A Centerforce clutch ensures none of the blown LS3’s immense torque is put to waste on its travels to the beefed-up 12-bolt diff.

Of course, in the year of 2016, it’s not good enough for a car of this calibre to lay all of its eggs in the straight-line speed basket. Handling is just as important, as is a refined nature, comfortable cabin, and all of the mod-cons. And it’s all of this ‘other stuff’ where G-Code really excels. 

A full Detroit Speed suspension set-up was sourced and installed, including a Hydro Form front clip and Quadra-Link rear, with Afco coilovers on all four corners. To pull G-Code down from the triple-digit speeds it is more than capable of attaining, massive Baer Brakes six-pot calipers were installed at all four corners, with 15-inch rotors in the front and 14-inch rotors in the rear.

The enormous brakes are also the perfect visual complement to the bespoke — and seriously beautiful — set of HRE Performance Wheels. Working with HRE Performance Wheels in California, Mike and Jim were able to achieve a custom set of forged wheels, measuring in at 19x10 and 20x13 inches, with a design inspired by the iconic ’80s Camaro IROC-Z wheels. And, since only the finest would suffice, the rubber anchoring G-Code to tarmac is no less than Michelin’s finest — Michelin Pilot Super Sports, measuring 275/35ZR19 up front and 335/30ZR20 out the back.

And, like the wheels, the body is a modernized version of a classic design. It’s far easier said than done, but Mike and Jim wanted to keep the aesthetic package within the confines of what makes a ’69 Camaro a ’69 Camaro, while simultaneously pushing the style envelope to reflect the ultra-modern concept. No part of the car has been left untouched, with the bumpers flush-mounted and impeccably re-chromed, and the grille flawlessly customized. You probably can’t tell from the photos, but that custom bonnet was crafted with hand-laid carbon fibre, and the whole shebang coated in mirror-smooth layers of BASF Glasurit ‘Blue Print’ paint. If Chevrolet were to build a ’69 Camaro in 2016, they couldn’t do better. 

The flawless construction extends further within, with an incredible interior designed with driver comfort taking priority, and a retro-modern flavour consistent with the rest of the build. Ringbrothers enlisted the assistance of the team at Upholstery Unlimited to take care of the extraordinary custom upholstery, and a Vintage Air climate-control system ensures this is a year-round cruiser. The finishing touches are the usual Ringbrothers billet accessories, along with a generous helping of modern amenities seamlessly integrated into the perfectly sculpted dashboard, centre console, and door cards.

“We’re really happy with how the 'G-Code' Camaro came out,” says Jim Ring. “Doing a car based on such a popular model is always a challenge, but Mike and I sat down and really thought about how we could do this car differently and I think we succeeded.”

Success is not the wrong word, and may even be an understatement. Don Atkinson got the truly unique, one of a kind Camaro that no one else in the world would have, but he’s also gotten so much more. He’s got what might just be the best-finished ’69 Camaro in the world, at least, until the day Mike and Jim Ring decide they’re going to build another … 

Photos and information provided courtesy of Ringbrothers. Photos by NotStock Photography.