Running the right level of window tints, or should we say darkest legal level, can be a frustrating task, especially when it’s late at night and visibility goes out the window (excuse the pun). But the solution to this is just around the corner — according to a patent recently filed in the US by automaker-giant Honda, touch-sensitive window tints may be a thing in the not-too-distant future.

What does this mean for car owners? Based off the patent’s wording, you will be able to control exactly how much of the window you want tinted, tinting only that section of the window, and adjust it to improve visibility by simply dragging the tinted area around with your finger.

As stated in the patent document, “A dimming control device includes a transmittance changing part provided on a windshield of a vehicle and configured to change light transmittance of the windshield; a detector configured to detect a position of a contact operation on the windshield by a user; and a dimming control part configured to change the transmittance according to the position of the contact operation on a detection surface of the detector on condition that the detector has detected a contact operation at a control start region which is preset within the detection surface.”

Although it appears that the primary use at this point in time is intended for side windows, future developments could mean the end of the traditional flip-down sun visor if integrated into the windscreen. The potential downside that we can see is that the feature is only functional when stationary, plus there’s also the fact that you will be smearing your fingers across interior glass ...

Word on how Honda intend to achieve this is also vague, but we are guessing it will work along the lines of the Mercedes ‘Magic Sky’ glass sunroof technology — this employs a film of particles controlled by an electric current, where the particles are positioned to block light from coming through.

Could this mean the end of aftermarket window-tinting companies?

Jaden Martin

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