If you’ve ever been across the ditch for Australia’s great race — Bathurst 1000 — you’ve probably experienced the perils of having to bury your grog in preparation, or been subject to drunken-shenanigan-limiting quantity rules at the gate. Here’s your chance to get around that, and even save having to buy a ticket.

Up for sale is arguably one of the coolest pieces of property in Australia, situated smack bang in the middle of the country’s most famous straight stretch of road. The 10-acre, five-bedroom property, with a pool and large garage, is located at 505 Conrod Straight, Mount Panorama, Bathurst.

Situated on the first crest of Conrod Straight, heading towards The Chase, it’s the perfect viewing spot for the fastest piece of asphalt in Australia. But something of this calibre doesn’t come cheap, and you will need the deepest of pockets to call it home — AUD$2,700,000 or more deep, as estimated by propertyvalue.com.au. 

Price aside, soil on Mount Panorama doesn’t come up for sale all that often, and number 505 was last sold way back in 2002 for a mere $255,000, so this will no doubt be jumped on fairly quick. If you did end up owning such a property you would have to deal with your driveway being closed for four weekends a year — but we have a feeling anyone looking to purchase 505 wouldn’t really mind that, huh?

We love that the straight still wears markings from the latest great race despite being set back to its public road status, and our want is very real.

The new NZV8 holiday office, anyone?

Jaden Martin

Growing up inhaling paint fumes and bog dust at his old man's panel shop, Jaden is a qualified word bender that has obtained a 'brofessional' diploma in car building from years of trial and error. He's currently trying to finish his creation of Australian-based debauchery crammed with Japanese- and Euro-inspired goodness. You'll find him writing for NZ Performance Car and producing content online.

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