In NZV8 Issue No. 140, we get a look at this awesome ’71 Mustang Mach 1. Not only is it a stunning car filled with drool-inducing parts, but it’s got one hell of a story behind it. 

Colin Reed originally bought the car, which was promptly nicknamed ‘Big Blue’, in the late ’70s. Powered by a 351 topped with quad Weber carbs, the family drove Big Blue everywhere, as well as racing it on the circuit and down the drag strip. How could Colin’s son, Nathan, not grow up with a love affair for Mustangs?!

Of course, times change, and cars are bought and sold, seeing Big Blue depart from the Reed family’s hands. However, over three decades later, Nathan managed to get his hands on Big Blue, beginning a restoration to turn the car he’d always wanted into the car of his dreams.  

Check out the above gallery of images of Big Blue that we couldn’t squeeze into the magazine. When you’re done with that, pick up NZV8 Issue No. 140 below to read the full story!