The last time we tried this most of you knew a thing or two about which headlights belong to which make and models, and there were calls for a second quiz to be more challenging. Well here you go, your calls have been answered. Incorporating a few of the less-common examples of Japanese auto history, give this quick quiz of 10 Japanese cars a crack, and see how far your knowledge, and memory, of car headlights truly extends. Can you score higher than your mates? This will be for ultimate bragging rights.


Jaden Martin

The young-gun around the office, Jaden grew up inhaling paint fumes and bog dust at his old man's panel shop. Qualified to bend words, with a 'brofessional' diploma in car building, he's been trying to finish his frankenstein creation of Australian-based debauchery crammed with Japanese- and Euro-inspired goodness. You'll find him writing for NZ Performance Car and producing content online.

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