Such a charming and classy elderly lady, and one that brings poise and elegance with her wherever she goes. Observers pause a moment in their busy day to admire a classic from a bygone era as she glides along with such apparent ease.

Her first appearance in public was back in 1955, in Scotland, where she must have made many hearts beat faster as her rivals turned away in despair.

But bigger dreams were to become a reality, and soon she landed on the shores of America, where she had many suitors waiting to lavish love and affection on her.

She was probably often seen on the pages of many Who’s Who magazines, and stealing the limelight, however, as middle age advanced the call of the South Pacific became louder, and New Zealand became her next place of residence.

She has kept a diary of all her adventures, including her lineage and which suitor paid for what. Over the last 20 years she was really fortunate to be in a very caring and loving relationship with a gentleman of means who has been able to continue to treat her in the manner that she had become accustomed to.

She partook in delightful outings where everyone dressed to impress — which of course she herself has always attained to — including classy weddings and special occasions, though naturally, if the weather was even slightly inclement, she would stay snuggly in her luxury suite.

However, her present lover is getting a little elderly now, and isn’t getting out and about so much these days, so maybe it’s time for a new romance to begin all over again.

There’s still a lot of love and life in this old princess yet to be enjoyed, so if you’d like to arrange a time and place for a first date, phone 021 433 878

Ashley Webb

Ashley Webb joined Parkside Media 10 years ago as Advertising Manager for the newly created NZV8 magazine. When the opportunity arose to work on New Zealand Classic Car magazine as Assistant Editor just over eight years ago, he couldn't resist the challenge and has worked on the magazine ever since, and is now the Editor of New Zealand Classic Car.
Ashley is passionate about most classic cars and has a particular interest in late ’60s US muscle cars.