Midget series honours fallen driver

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The United Trucks International Midget Series have amended their regular race schedule for the four-night series that runs at Western Springs and Baypark, kicking off on Boxing Day, to honour one of their regular American drivers, Bryan Clauson, who tragically passed away after crashing his midget at Belleville High Banks Speedway in Belleville, Kansas earlier this year. What was once the 40-lap race (January 1) will now be shortened to 39 laps, the figure paying homage to Clauson’s race number ‘39’, and pole position will be left empty — a nod to his prowess in the series, which often saw him claiming the top spot on the grid — the rest of the night will be dedicated to him.

This follows on from the starting night where teams take centre stage with USA, Australia, and New Zealand racing for their countries while also qualifying for the 25-lap feature at the end of the night (December 28). The big 50-lap race takes place on January 3, and with almost $100,000 up for grabs in total, there will be a brawl over who will claim the prize money — will it be one of our local guys? Or will it head overseas with one of the visiting Australian and USA teams? You’ll have to be there to find out.