Clamping down

With the popularity of the ENZED Central Muscle Cars, there’s now more new cars being built for the class than ever before. Unfortunately, this brings complications with it, as each new builder tries to push the rules and take advantage of any ambiguity within them.
While the rules have not changed, a few loopholes within them have been tightened recently, and that obviously has an impact on cars in the build or yet to pass scrutineering.
The committee has made it clear that all new vehicles must comply 100 per cent with the rules before they will be accepted to race. This compliance now includes a full tech inspection by the class’s technical committee. With the aim of fairness, all existing vehicles will also be made to comply with the rules over a period of time and are being regularly scrutinised to ensure that each one stays within the spirit of the class, be it a new vehicle or old.

Online update

The Central Muscle Cars website has recently undergone a major overhaul and update. The new improved site is not only easier to use than before but includes a new gallery, regular news updates, technical info, and driver profiles. Check it out at

Writer wanted

NZV8 and Central Muscle Cars are on the hunt for a new event-report writer. Ideally, the person would already be attending the events in which the class competes and have a knowledge of both cars and drivers — although neither of these is essential. What is essential is a great grasp of written English and the right attitude. If you think you can produce a round report along the lines of the one you see in this issue, email:

Points after round three (top 10 and top 5 only)

Group 1

  • Dean Perkins - 544
  • John Midgley - 535
  • Steve Ross - 493
  • Greg Honnor - 477
  • Ian Easton - 451
  • Clarke Hopkins - 446
  • Calvin Andrew - 397
  • Bruce Anderson - 394
  • Steve Scoles - 339
  • Grant Dalton - 335


  • Andrew Sinclair - 563
  • Steve Noyer - 556
  • Bruce Kett - 549
  • Paul Boden  - 524
  • Greg Holden - 434