Barn-find fire up: 440 Mopar

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As you’ll see in Issue No. 141 of NZV8 (on sale from December 26) the folk from CRC recently sent us a bunch of products to showcase that the company had far more to offer than just the commonly used 5.56.

We decided to put the products to the test by using them to fire up an old engine that hadn’t been turned over for around five years.

During the process, which you can check out in the magazine, we were amazed by how many of the products came in handy. Products that we really couldn’t have done without given the task we were performing.

Here’s a rundown on each of them:

CRC Penetr8

A penetrating oil, such as Penetr8, is an essential when dealing with old, rusty cars, as its viscosity allows it to get down into cracks and threads where normal, thicker lubricants can’t. This helps to free seized fasteners and components. 

CRC Engine Start

Engine Start is a highly flammable product which helps to reduce the effort required when starting an engine. The product is simply sprayed into the intake, or in this case carburettor, and its willingness to ignite often expedites the process of starting an engine that’s a touch reluctant. 

CRC Aeroclean Degreaser

Anyone who’s ever played in a garage will no doubt have used a degreaser, but don’t go thinking all degreasers are created equal. With CRC, as a company, having been around since 1961, you can be assured that their products have been developed to be superior to almost any other on the market, so shelling out for Aeroclean over a generic degreaser is money well spent.

CRC CO Contact Cleaner

CRC CO Contact Cleaner is a plastic-safe general-purpose evaporating cleaner and degreaser for use on sensitive electronic equipment. It is formulated to quickly penetrate into hard-to-reach areas and effectively flush away carbon deposits, dirt, light oils, dust, lint, and other light contaminants whilst not damaging vital components in the process. 

CRC GDI Intake Valve Cleaner

Designed specifically for late-model direct-injection engines, CRC GDI Intake Valve Cleaner has been formulated to clean carbon deposits off the back of valves to improve efficiency and to aid in smoothness of the engine’s operation. In this instance we used it to try and un-gunk the engine internals that we could not otherwise get to without disassembling the engine. 


The original, and the product that most people think of when hearing the CRC name, 5.56 has proven itself invaluable to millions of people over the years thanks to its lubrication capabilities. It’s touted as being a toolkit in a can, and we have to agree.

CRC Fast Motor Flush

While we didn’t get a chance to use it (read the article to find out why), Fast Motor Flush would have been great to help remove the engine of any contaminants within the oil galleries or oiling system as it helps to break down any sludge or gunge.

Thanks to all of these products, we did indeed get the engine up and running. Big thanks to the team at CRC for their help and supplying the products for us to use. To check out the full CRC range visit