Many readers would love to own a classic car themselves, that’s a given, but not all will have one to call their own — perhaps they do not want the associated costs, the hassle of maintenance, or simply because it’s out of the budget.

If that’s you, don’t fret, as GT Classic Car Hire New Zealand, located in Christchurch, has just the opportunity for you. 

Proudly owned by Jon Everitt, a passionate Alfa Romeo fan and Italian car collector, the service provides the perfect way to travel the beautiful roadways in the South Island in style, and for those with a wedding or other special event coming up, to enhance your day. 

The firm boasts a four-car fleet of Alfa Romeos from the 105 series, ranging from the ’60s to ’90s. Each has been refurbished to the highest standards, and includes modern elements like USB charging ports and electronic ignition to make the  vehicles reliable, and the experience pleasurable. Additional accessories can be hired, including bike racks, roof racks, and picnic hampers filled with New Zealand produce. 

The company plans to add additional marques to its range to satisfy non-Alfa lovers, too. Meanwhile pricing varies depending on your needs. Head to for further information, and booking enquiries.