There is a damn special vibe that is radiated in the south, and though the feeling may just be a side effect of too much sun and Speights, the people there really know how to throw down

An event firmly etched on the ‘must attend’ section of our calendar, the V 4&Rotary South Island Champs needs no introduction amonst our readers. Although Timaru is a long way for a lot of northies, and some southies too, don’t sweat it, we made the journey down to the event's newest location — Levels Raceway and Southern Trust Events Centre — to  make sure you are covered with the full results. Staring at a plain text list on a white page is pretty damn boring, so we’ve included a shit ton of images that cover off each of the award winners. Have a gander, ponder the results, and let us know what you think; were they all deserved or would you have made a different pick?

Rotary class

Cory Wilson, Mazda RX-2

  • Best RX2/616 [NZ Car Parts Auckland]

Michael Bateman, Mazda RX-3 (WANKEL)

  • Best RX3/808 [Meguiar's]
  • Open Class: Best Paint [Meguiar's]

Lorrie Smith, Mazda RX-4 (RX42NV)

  • Best RX4/929 [The Rock FM]
  • RX Master [V Energy Drink]
  • Open Class: Best Extreme Paint [Meguiar's]

Jimmy McInnes, Mazda RX-7

  • Best RX7 S1-3 [Prowear]

Clint Hewetson, Mazda RX-7

  • Best RX7 S4-5 [NZ Car Parts Auckland]

Daniel Sheat, Mazda RX-7 (2DRFTY)

  • Best Late Model RX [The Bling Company]

Cory Wilson, Mazda R100

  • Best RX Other [NZ Performance Car magazine]

Nate Ralston, Mazda 626

  • Best Rotary Conversion

Piston class

Kerry Martin, Datsun 1600 (SQWRT)

  • Best 4 Cyl Piston [NZ Performance Car magazine]
  • Best Pre 1969 [The Bling Company]
  • Best Piston Conversion [NAC Insurance]
  • Best Piston Vehicle Overall [V Energy Drink]
  • Open Class: Best Undercarriage, suspension & Brakes [My Physio]

Zen Thunsupap, Toyota Chaser

  • Best 6 Cyl Piston [NAC Insurance]
  • Best 1990-1999 [Rota Wheels]

Alex MacAskill, Toyota Corolla SR (SR20SR)

  • Best 1970-1989 [Meguiar's]
  • Open Class: Best Engineering [V Energy Drink]

Blake Harpur, Nissan Silvia S15

  • Best 2000-2009 [NZ Car Parts Auckland]
  • Open Class: Best Bodykit [NAC Insurance]

Club awards

Euronation NZ

  • Best Club Theme/Display [Custom Shirts NZ]
  • Overall Top Club  [V Energy Drink] 

Club K

  • Best Club Attitude [Prowear] — Club K

Rotor Pulse

  • New Club On The Block [NZ Performance Car Magazine]

Manufacturer Class   

Dave Hunt, Subaru WRX (PIMPNU)

  • Best Subaru [NAC Insurance]

Jared Croft, Toyota Altezza

  • Best Toyota [NZ Car Parts Auckland]
  • Open Class: Best Extreme Stance [NAC Insurance]
  • Open Class: Best Modified Interior    [NAC Insurance] 

Miles Haydon-Gliddon, Nissan Skyline

  • Best Nissan [NZ Performance Car magazine]

Hayden Murray, Ford Escort Mexico

  • Best Ford [Custom Shirts NZ] 

Chris Thompson, Mitsubishi Mirage (HYPOAZ)

  • Best Mitsubishi [Rota Wheels]

Corrie de Wagt, BMW E21

  • Best Euro [V Energy Drink]   

Tough Street Class    

Marcus Hall, Ford Escort

  • Best Sound DB [Prowear] 
  • Best Drivers Attitude  [V Energy Drink]
  • Best Interior [The Rock FM]
  • Best Display [Custom Shirts NZ]

Owen Trowbridge, Subaru Legacy (H8EVO)

  • Suspension/Brakes [NAC Insurance]
  • Wheels [The Bling Company]
  • Power Output [V Energy Drink]

Carl Robertson, Ford Laser TX3 (JRCOZY)

  • Engineering [Meguiar's]
  • Undercarriage [My Physio]
  • Engineering [Meguiar's]
  • Build Quality [NZ Car Parts Auckland]
  • Engine Bay [V Energy Drink]
  • Paint [Meguiar's]

Tim Reinke, Toyota Starlet (1SIKKP)

  • Innovation [The Bling Company]
  • Sound Install [The Rock FM]

Race Car Awards  

Brogan Mooney, Nissan Silvia S15

  • Best Drift Car [Rota Wheels]

Jesse Lopez, Mitsubishi Lancer EX

  • Best Circuit/Time Attack Car [NZ Superlap Series]

Minitruck Class

Steve Brown, Ford Courier (BODIED)

  • Best Under Construction [NZ Car Parts Auckland]

Chris Dignan, Toyota Hilux (LAIDLW)

  • Best Innovation/Fabrication [The Rock FM]

Will Dickinson, Toyota Hilux (DR4GIN)

  • Best Minitruck Overall [V Energy Drink] 
  • Piston Class: Best 8 Cyl Piston

Open Class

Michael Bateman, Mazda RX-3 (WANKEL)

  • Best Paint [Meguiar's] 

Cory Wilson, Mazda RX-4

  • Best Original Paint [Meguiar's]

Lorrie Smith, Mazda RX-4

  • Best Extreme Paint [Meguiar's

Andrew Kitching, Datsun 1200

  • Best Engine Bay [Prowear] 

Ellie Beatson, Volkswagen Golf

  • Best Displayed Vehicle [Custom Shirts NZ]

Blake Harpur, Nissan Silvia S15

  • Best Bodykit [NAC Insurance]

Alex MacAskill, Toyota Corolla SR (SR20SR)

  • Best Engineering [V Energy Drink]

Stefan Collins, Mazda 808 Wagon (FURSTY)

  • Best Rims & Tyres Suited to Vehicle [The Bling Company]

Emily Ward, Volkswagen Golf

  • Best Stance [NZ Performance Car]

Jared Croft, Toyota Altezza

  • Best Extreme Stance [NAC Insurance]
  • Best Modified Interior    [NAC Insurance] 

Anthony Rohan, Toyota Corolla

  • Best Original Interior [My Physio]

Hogan Jeffs, Fiat Bambina

  • Standout/Encouragement Award [4&Rotary Promotions]

Leigh Church, Mazda RX-3 (UNIQE3)

  • Standout/Encouragement Award [4&Rotary Promotions]

Billy Gordon, Subaru WRX

  • Standout/Encouragement Award [4&Rotary Promotions]

Bradley Forward, VW Variant Type 3

  • Standout/Encouragement Award [4&Rotary Promotions]

Elysse Milne, Mazda RX-7

  • Standout/Encouragement Award [4&Rotary Promotions]

Corrie de Wagt, BMW E21

  • People's Choice  [V Energy Drink]
  • Best Euro [V Energy Drink]

Photos thanks to Ross Dransfield, Mikey Mayers, and Kaz Kostiuk-Warren.

Jaden Martin

Growing up inhaling paint fumes and bog dust at his old man's panel shop, Jaden is a qualified word bender that has obtained a 'brofessional' diploma in car building from years of trial and error. He's currently trying to finish his creation of Australian-based debauchery crammed with Japanese- and Euro-inspired goodness. You'll find him writing for NZ Performance Car and producing content online.

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