Gearbox destruction is a phenomenon we’re all well aware of. From flogged synchros through to all-out grenading of gears, it’s a distinct possibility whether you’re circuit racing, drifting, drag racing, or just chasing huge power.

In such applications, one of the best ways to strengthen your driveline is through an upgraded gear set. And if you’ve got a modified Nissan that you plan on abusing, Wellington Automotive Gearbox Specialists (WAGS) could have just the answer for you.

The WAGS DK1 Nissan five-speed straight-cut dog-engagement gear kit has been designed with performance in mind. The sets are designed for around 500hp, though this is dependent on a wide array of factors, including wheel and tyre size, vehicle weight and use, and clutch type. The DK1 includes a strengthened and larger cluster, with a strengthened billet main shaft and high-load bearing set as specifiable options.

It isn’t just an increase in strength though. The DK1 gear kit allows faster, more accurate shifts with a wider gear mesh and steel selector forks, and better use of vehicle power with closer ratios, a longer first-gear ratio, and a lighter-than-factory gear-set weight.

Ratios: 1–5

  • 1: 2.568:1
  • 2: 1.757:1
  • 3: 1.301:1
  • 4: 1.000:1
  • 5: 0.863:1

You can find out more information by visiting WAGS’s website,, which will be updated to include answers to as many of the common questions as possible. Otherwise, you can find them on Facebook.