If you’re a serious Volkswagen enthusiast, you’ll know that the factory diverter valves are no good for performance applications. So, who ya gonna call?

When you’re upping the boost in your Volkswagen Golf Mk7, you just simply can’t rely on the factory diverter valve to not leak. What’s even worse than the diverter valve leaking, is the fact that they’re made from plastic, which over time can become extremely brittle causing more boost leak. 

Turbosmart has the answer, though, with their latest Kompact Shortie Blow-off Valve. Manufactured from aircraft-grade aluminium, their units hold boost like nothing else on the market and completely eliminate compressor surge that the factory turbo suffers from. Eliminating compressor surge isn’t just good for performance, it also greatly improves the life of the turbo. 

Get the best of both worlds with the Turbosmart dual-port unit for their well-recognized sound, or the plumb-back unit, which offers a quiet, stealth operation for when you don’t want the extra attention. Both feature the same exceptional build quality and function. 

Another feature we are pleased to see incorporated into the product is a ‘Boost Reference Adaptor’, which gives you a free vacuum port so you can easily hook up a Turbosmart boost gauge, or similar unit. 

Head to turbosmart.com.au to find a distributor near you.