Cool temps and even cooler cars at Timaru’s own Southern Stance event

Southern Stance, held March 19 in Timaru, is proof that the low-car scene is thriving in the southern parts of New Zealand, with 210 cars entered in the show and people travelling from surrounding regions to take part in the action. There was plenty to do, with vehicle owners and parents with prams taking part in a limbo, with an RX-7 coming out with top honours. Enjoy this epic gallery thanks to our main man Daniel Hunton from 

René Vermeer

Dutch, French, or just a Kiwi, René isn’t quite sure, but he does know he has a passion for Japanese vehicles like no other. A well-seasoned Gran Turismo player dating back to his single-digit days, René has a comprehensive knowledge of a wide range of performance vehicles and has owned more than 30 performance cars here in New Zealand, ranging from Nissans to Hondas. A lover of photography, you’ll find him either peeping under someone’s bonnet to snap a detailed shot, or on the side of the racetrack, perfecting his panning.