There’s no denying that getting out of town with your group of mates is undoubtedly the best thing one with hair on his chest, chin, and chops can do. It’s a sense of enjoyment like no other, and usually memories are made that will last a lifetime. A bond between man and his mates cannot be understood by the ‘other’ gender, and nor can the other half be trusted with the planning of a weekend away with the lads. Imagine that, you’d end up getting your nails and toenails done, followed by a tea party at some overpriced hipster cafe. Somehow I don't think Geoff the builder will appreciate that too much. 

Thankfully, for the lads that are interested in crossing the ditch to Aussie to check out an NRL final, Bathurst, or a Formula One event, there’s another mate who is the organized one, because let's face it, Geoff isn’t the most organized when it comes to designing itineraries, booking flights and transfers, and hotel accommodation. The other mate, or mates we should say, are the team at Boys Trip, who specialize in planning that weekend away with the lads to numerous destinations and popular bucket-list events such as Bathurst. In fact, Bathurst is one of their most sought-after packages, and the team has this trip planned down to a tee! 

Boys Trip have been in business for 10 years now, and their emphasis on becoming one of the lads has made them a striving business. No other business out there will give you the one-on-one attention like Boys Trip will, and they’ll ensure that you have the best experience prior to leaving for and during your planned trip. 

“Getting to know our clients is one of the most important things that we have focused on,” says Director David Diehl. “We knew there were a few other sports travel companies out there and we wanted to offer a more personal service with flexibility that worked around what our clients needed.”

Around 70 per cent of Boys Trip’s trip packages are motor-sport related, so if you’re into Bathurst or Formula One, we’re confident Boys Trip will have you and your mates covered. 

“At first, I think people heard the name Boys Trip and thought it was going to be a bunch of 20-somethings on a wild stag do, but that’s not what we’re about. Our clients are generally a bit older and want to do that once-a-year trip with their mates, but they are too busy to organize it, or don’t know where to start.” 

It’s not just all about the boys though, as Diehl explains; “We cater trips for males, females, couples, families, solo travellers, and corporate groups,” he adds.

The question we’ve got for you, though, is which destination do you think would be the ultimate boys trip away? 

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