The Porsche Club of New Zealand was established in December 1975 and had its 40th-anniversary celebrations in 2015. The club is number 54 of nearly 700 official Porsche clubs recognized in the world and has a strong relationship with the Porsche factory and Porsche in New Zealand.

The Porsche Club of New Zealand has members in all regions of the country and has a membership of around 700, with all the family welcome to participate in a wide range of events. Members share a passion, and Porsche ownership is not required; all are welcome: members share a strong camaraderie as well as experience and knowledge.

The benefits of membership include picnics, winery and café lunch and brunch drives, weekend social events, gymkhanas, and autocross — low-speed competitive driving and driver training — learning to safely exploit the performance of your Porsche on the track, competitive sprint events, the club race series, technical evenings, an annual picnic and Christmas function, a Concours d’Elegance annual dinner and awards evening, membership of an exclusive Facebook group, the bimonthly high-quality club magazine Spiel, and much more.

The club is for all Porsche enthusiasts — even if you are yet to purchase or are for any reason in between Porsches, you are welcome. It is about having a passion for all things Porsche.

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