We had the pleasure of pedalling the all-new 2016 Ford Focus RS this month (you can read all about it in our October issue of NZ Performance Car, Issue No. 238). And while, yes, we certainly put it through its paces on the streets, there was no way we could ever do what we really wanted to without fear of being arrested, losing our licences or worse. So in the interest of showing you what this machine is all about, we have scoured the net to find the single best video to sum up why there is so much hype surrounding this ‘hot hatch’.

What we found was Mr Ken Block partaking in some epic hoonage during the development of the RS. But don't get too excited — if you wanted to purchase one, they are sold out worldwide and the lead time is long — very long. 

To check out what we thought of the all-new Ford Focus RS, grab a copy of the October issue of NZ Performance Car now: